Custom Cabinetry

Many homeowners are looking to best utilize the space in their homes with storage. At Star Interior Resources we have the tools to create the best custom cabinetry for your home. Start in the kitchen and head into your entertaining space; use your customized cabinets for a solution to organize your life.

Decorative Lighting

Lighting is key to any room, especially when you’re outfitting your home theater. Be in control of how your family and guests experience watching TV or movies. Star Interior Resources can put together a lighting design specific to your home theater. Brighten, dim or pitch-black; we can create a lighting plan the way you prefer. We can also assist with your kitchen lighting needs.

Trim Work

Over the last few years trim work has become a must-have for future homeowners. Simple trim can add value and improve what might feel like an unfinished room. It’s a traditional element of interior design that changes the feeling of a house to a home.

Custom Dry/Wet

Build yourself the perfect cocktail and Star Interior Resources will build you a custom Dry or Wet Bar. Start with the basics and we’ll help you customize the bar you envision. Keep in mind how you will be using it, think of storage, temperature controls and accessibility.

Granite Countertops

This is a trend that will never go out of style. There are many options for granite countertops and they work for a variety of homes with different styles. They are very durable and perfect for the busy days families have.


A fresh coat of paint can change any room overnight. We want to be there from start to finish when the color hits the walls. We can work with you to decide what works with your style and needs.

Kitchen Remodels

The heart of the home. The kitchen is the most frequented place for the family and keeping it at the highest level of excellence is important. Star Interior Resources can begin your kitchen remodel starting with the backsplash and end with the highest quality of custom countertops.

Bathroom Remodels

No one likes an unappealing bathroom. Work with the Star Interior Resources team to upgrade and remodel to a luxury bathroom. We can help you design a sanctuary with the most high-end pieces and make you feel like you’re at a spa.

Theater Seating

Customize and create the perfect seating for any room. Choose color, texture and style. Create the best buttery-soft leather chairs for your home entertaining. 20 styles, hundreds of colors, thousands of possibilities.

Custom Finishes

Put the finishing touch on your home theater or entertaining space. Each drawer pull and door hinge brings your space together for an outstanding look. Complete your room with small details that Star Interior Resources can provide.


Let Star Interior Resources help you better utilize your home entertainment system. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your design. Have one of our expert team members assist you in your current cabinet modifications in any of your rooms.

Outdoor Living

Bring the best of both worlds together. Create an outdoor oasis with our Star Interior Resources team today. Sinks, grills and refrigerators; a custom design can make it so you never have to leave your backyard.

Wrought Iron Accents

Star Interior Resources works with the finest manufacturers of uniquely beautiful and original wrought iron entry doors, gates, railings and lanterns. These amazing accents create lasting works of art in ornamental metal that grace many of the finest homes in the Southwest.