Star Solutions For Community Improvement

Star Companies has evolved to become the superior solution for community improvement. Operating as StarSD, we utilize the buying power of our sister companies Starpower and Ed Kellum & Son to achieve the most time-efficient and cost-effective result for your project. From electrical to frame work, StarSD is equipped with contractors on staff with over 15 years of experience and only use prequalified sub-contractors.

We embrace the responsibility that comes with working on projects that effect individuals and communities on such a high level. We can do everything a project requires from start to finish and give an extra level of confidence to our clients. Dependability and experience are at the core of our business and we take great pride in our record of customer satisfaction.

We are a female owned company and currently have a HUB application pending. The Star Companies family strives for grand excellence in everything we do. We look forward to all inspiring and challenging projects that come our way.

Below are some examples of the scope of work we provide:

Disaster Recovery

In times of unfortunate events it is important to our team to be your first call when rebuilding. Communication with agencies to execute the correct and most-efficient plan is our number one goal. StarSD also focuses on the timeliness of each project. We look forward to solving your disaster solutions.


Public Housing Renovation

Our StarSD team is capable of taking on single and multi-family renovation projects. While work is in progress our team works in a secure and safe place for families to stay where they are currently living. We are given the plans from agencies to execute in a timely fashion and we know how to complete the required forms and paperwork to get the job done.


Building Renovation

Start from scratch to renovate and rebuild with StarSD. We work closely with the best to create a new design. We do the proper research to implement a seamless project and keep your own schedules on track. From flooring to the smallest hardware details, StarSD can accomplish your project from start to finish.


REO Repairs

Regardless of homes being turned over to the bank, it is important for them to be maintained and taken care of. StarSD has the capabilities to keep the properties up-to-date and ready to be on the market in a timely-fashion. We have an efficient plan in place to create safe and better home renovations.



Upgrade your business with the best flooring. We are here to create the most cost-effective flooring solution for your business or workplace. We carry the best flooring manufacturers that offer hundreds of options. Give your building the look it deserves with a warm welcome on new floors.


Residential Flooring

StarSD can literally bring “our store to your door.” Choose from hundreds of options that work perfectly for your home. We can have you on new floors in no time with our team of experts tailoring their time and services to your needs.


Commercial A/V

Create the perfect suite for your business. From TVs, projectors and total room automation, StarSD can set up a conference room or office with your specifications. We have the top technology to outfit your rooms with the best equipment. We give you the Star Treatment for any project; no matter the size or budget.



The core of the home or business; the framing keeps your structure together. StarSD can begin your construction project of any size. We work with you to insure your requirements are being met and the process is going smoothly and timely. With our experts your project is execute efficiently and timely.



Get your home or business up and running with the StarSD electrical services. We take extra care with your electrical needs to insure the project is safe and follows all regulations. From initial wiring to final testing, StarSD can outfit your space with the best and safest equipment. Don’t be left in the dark.



The StarSD sister company, Starpower, has been a leader in the Dallas Fort Worth in electronics for years. To join forces withStarSD only made sense. Choose from the premiere manufacturers for your audio and video needs. Get the home or business with the best technology and Star Treatment service.